Bucharest, 05/07/2020
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Haine de Blana


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Monday-Friday:10-18     Saturday: Closed;     Sunday: Closed
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Fur accesories

This season more than ever the fur coat is a must have. Thus, except for a fur coat or fur jacke,t for a casual outfit  a fur vest cannot miss from  your wardrobe. For special occasions to an evening gown ,  considering the cold outside, a fur cape can keep you warm  and also can complete an outfit.  Many women are very careful when it comes to shoes or bag. If you want to have an impeccable attire, (unfortunately) few women know that a fur coat completes their outfit, ennobles them and besides an aristocratic look, it provides undeniable thermal comfort.   I was given the opportunity to attend several events this fall and I found with disappointment,  that the people I considered "cool" in terms of fashion style, on occasion, do not know that they need a fur coat or do not know what fur coat they need. Thus, we have seen brides, godmothers or just guests attending events while shaking from all the joints because they wanted their beautiful dress to be seen, on which they spend several thousands of dollars created by  designers known from here or elsewhere.  You can see that something is missing from their outfit.  Possibly a fur cape of a fur stole or even a simple fur bolero.  Some women, colder and more pragmatic in nature, have turned to their closets: a fur coat, a fur jacket ...., another unsuccessful option. Some fur jackets show, some evening dresses (or especially wedding dresses) as bad as would be...
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Family tradition since 1939

In 1939 my father Ion Margarit began as an apprentice in fur manufacturing, at the age of 14. He learned the fur trade from the best fur manufactures at the time, after years, reaching to be one of the most famous fur makers in Romania. Unfortunately he dies in 1974, but passes on to my mother, Ileana Margarit, the tricks of the fur trade, which during the communist years she specialized for a few years in Germany, with great Romanian immigrant fur traders.   Since 1992 I started working with my mother, learning this noble business. I acquired the style of work from German workshops, perfecting it by implementing working methods and advanced technology of workshops from Italy that I studied closely. We are at the store from Stefan cel Mare  since 1997. We did not develop a network of stores because I was not sure we can provide the same level of service that the current location offers.   Currently, we collaborate and are the single importer for some of the most famous designers in the world, among which may be mentioned Vinicio Pajaro, Antonio Didone and also working with dozens of fur craft shops in Italy.   In our own workshop, along with my colleagues which are great fur makers from families with old traditions in the field, made with latest technology, using imported raw materials, unique short designs or series models "custom made", according to clients' wishes and fantasy at a high quality, perceived by outsiders and...
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New collection

New collection of MG fur House (2016-2017) is already present in our store. We will come back with details.
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Usage and storage of natural fur articles

Fur is a natural product that "breathes" in the sense that exchange moisture with the environment.   For keeping a fur coat’s qualities as long as possible, we recommend:   - Keeping the product in a cool, dry place (closet or dressing) away from heat, protected from foreign smells, away from direct sunlight, on a hanger with rounded edges (to keep the shape of the shoulders), UNCOVERED by textile or plastic bags;   - Periodic venting in outdoors space, covered (balconies, verandas, etc.) when foggy, when it rains or when snow to rehydrate skin. Also wearing the fur garment during poor snow is beneficial for the product;   - When wet, fur garments can be gently tapped and placed on the hanger away from heat sources. In case of heavy snow or rain avoid excessive wetting of the product (through excessive wetting it is understood the water penetration through the fur coat up to the skin of coat). The drying will deform the coat and it will become more rigid;   - To avoid wrinkling the fur articles, it is forbidden to cover them with clothes or clutter them in small spaces with insufficient height. We recommend keeping a minimum distance of 15 cm between the hangers and the bottom of the coat should not touch the bottom of the cabinet;   - The fur must be protected against moths, through spraying periodically with special sprays (dry). We recommend in this respect on the Romanian market SANO K 600...
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