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Haine de Blana


Family tradition since 1939

In 1939 my father Ion Margarit began as an apprentice in fur manufacturing, at the age of 14. He learned the fur trade from the best fur manufactures at the time, after years, reaching to be one of the most famous fur makers in Romania. Unfortunately he dies in 1974, but passes on to my mother, Ileana Margarit, the tricks of the fur trade, which during the communist years she specialized for a few years in Germany, with great Romanian immigrant fur traders.


Since 1992 I started working with my mother, learning this noble business. I acquired the style of work from German workshops, perfecting it by implementing working methods and advanced technology of workshops from Italy that I studied closely. We are at the store from Stefan cel Mare  since 1997. We did not develop a network of stores because I was not sure we can provide the same level of service that the current location offers.


Currently, we collaborate and are the single importer for some of the most famous designers in the world, among which may be mentioned Vinicio Pajaro, Antonio Didone and also working with dozens of fur craft shops in Italy.


In our own workshop, along with my colleagues which are great fur makers from families with old traditions in the field, made with latest technology, using imported raw materials, unique short designs or series models "custom made", according to clients' wishes and fantasy at a high quality, perceived by outsiders and appreciated by specialists.


Sure of the quality of our products, we were the first in Romania that offered warranty for our natural fur garments for a period of 3-5 years although Romanian law required a 30-day warranty.


We also offer services besides warranty services and post warranty period, of which may be mentioned, repairs, restyling, cleaning professional and more luxurious natural furs.

We thank all our customers without whom we could not exist.



Daniel Margarit

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