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Usage and storage of natural fur articles

Fur is a natural product that "breathes" in the sense that exchange moisture with the environment.


For keeping a fur coat’s qualities as long as possible, we recommend:


- Keeping the product in a cool, dry place (closet or dressing) away from heat, protected from foreign smells, away from direct sunlight, on a hanger with rounded edges (to keep the shape of the shoulders), UNCOVERED by textile or plastic bags;


- Periodic venting in outdoors space, covered (balconies, verandas, etc.) when foggy, when it rains or when snow to rehydrate skin. Also wearing the fur garment during poor snow is beneficial for the product;


- When wet, fur garments can be gently tapped and placed on the hanger away from heat sources. In case of heavy snow or rain avoid excessive wetting of the product (through excessive wetting it is understood the water penetration through the fur coat up to the skin of coat). The drying will deform the coat and it will become more rigid;


- To avoid wrinkling the fur articles, it is forbidden to cover them with clothes or clutter them in small spaces with insufficient height. We recommend keeping a minimum distance of 15 cm between the hangers and the bottom of the coat should not touch the bottom of the cabinet;


- The fur must be protected against moths, through spraying periodically with special sprays (dry). We recommend in this respect on the Romanian market SANO K 600 DRY. Perhaps there are others but we use it successfully for many years without any problem.


- FUR COATS REQUIRING A SPECIFIC, SPECIALIAZED CLEANING. Does not call any of the ecological dry cleanings even if it says it could clean fur.


Coming soon to this section: Common mistakes in the way of carrying and storage of articles of fur


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