Bucharest, 27/10/2020
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Haine de Blana


Fur accesories

This season more than ever the fur coat is a must have. Thus, except for a fur coat or fur jacke,t for a casual outfit  a fur vest cannot miss from  your wardrobe. For special occasions to an evening gown ,  considering the cold outside, a fur cape can keep you warm  and also can complete an outfit. 

Many women are very careful when it comes to shoes or bag. If you want to have an impeccable attire, (unfortunately) few women know that a fur coat completes their outfit, ennobles them and besides an aristocratic look, it provides undeniable thermal comfort.  

I was given the opportunity to attend several events this fall and I found with disappointment,  that the people I considered "cool" in terms of fashion style, on occasion, do not know that they need a fur coat or do not know what fur coat they need. Thus, we have seen brides, godmothers or just guests attending events while shaking from all the joints because they wanted their beautiful dress to be seen, on which they spend several thousands of dollars created by  designers known from here or elsewhere.  You can see that something is missing from their outfit.  Possibly a fur cape of a fur stole or even a simple fur bolero. 

Some women, colder and more pragmatic in nature, have turned to their closets: a fur coat, a fur jacket ...., another unsuccessful option. Some fur jackets show, some evening dresses (or especially wedding dresses) as bad as would be worn with work out pants. 
We appreciate shoes over 1000 Euro, clutches over 1000,the dress also a couple thousands as well, And? Hop over the fur coat from the closet for that unfortunate outfit choice. Too bad for the money spent. If those women would have spent a few hundred or little over 1,000 euros for a fur cape or stole they would have had an impeccable outfit. Besides that, they could have kept the  fur for lifetime events. 

Many customers were amazed when I gave them a fair price for a mink cape of around 1000 euros to say. "Well, why so much? I gave 5000 Euros on the dress" the ladies said with pride, showing me a dress made of synthetic or semisynthetic material, masterfully doubtful made by some tailor now called self-proclaimed "designer". 
Well, when does a luxury fur have to cost much less than a fabric dress? How much do the raw materials costs in both cases? What volume of work requires each of these products? Will let you answer these questions alone. Not on accident, will i not linger too much, on the subject synthetic fur. Looks worse with, than without. Looks cheap and is just as rude as you wear a fake …….

In the following days we will discuss about fur vests.
This short "dissertation" it is not for advertising purposes it is mostly for information, educational. If you knew all this, I apologize for the inconvenience of reminding you.

Sincerely, Daniel Margarit

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